Organic Milling

Products labeled “all natural,” according to the USDA definition, does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives and the ingredients are only minimally processed. However, they may contain antibiotics, growth hormones, and other similar chemicals.

The difference between All Natural products vs Organic products:

Natural and organic are not interchangeable terms. The term “natural” suggests that products have been minimally processed or are free from synthetic ingredients but this is not currently a federally regulated labeling claim and are perfect for the people that want to keep their health or that are in a special diet such as the PremierDietKeto or any other. Only products that have been certified as meeting USDA organic standards can be labeled “organic.” Other claims, such as free-range, hormone-free, and natural can still appear on product labels. However, such claims should not be confused with the term “organic.”
San Dimas, CA

Design / Build of an existing warehouse building with office spaces remodeled and fitted with new office area, mezzanine, lunch room, and 4 new restrooms. New office area includes new receptionist and lobby area along with new open and enclosed office space, new conference room. Work area added.